Peppermint tea & honey

At present, I am using a lot of peppermint and ginger teas to help calm the intestinal ailment I have been experiencing this last ten days.  In fact, I am getting tired of them for the first time in my life I have had so much.  But I know they help and I know that whatever I am fighting will eventually be identified and eradicated.

Peppermint grows along the road I take between the freeway and home.  It is starkly black against the fields of green that surround it.  When there is a gentle breeze, especially in the early warmth of the morning, the fragrance makes you smile.  That field is the best smelling field along the whole drive; even when it is harvested and decay begins, it smells heavenly.  I wonder what it smells like in the processing plants that extract the oils, I may have to find out.

The bees that pollinate the peppermint make the most wonderful honey as that minty nose, along with the sweetness of the honey make a natural candy.  We grow lots of peppermint in the region and there there are also great honeys sold as well.  Each field or orchard that needs to be pollinated needs the bees that are handled by apiarists and moved to the areas that need them most.  Should there be an expanse of one type of vegetation, the honey takes on the traits of that fruit or herb.  You can find orange or apple blossom, various herb flavors, and wildflower honeys at Farmers Markets and boutiques in the local area.

Then there is the wax; have you ever caught the scent of beeswax when you didn’t know it was there?  Another wow for the nose.  That is probably my favorite smell.  For Mother’s Day my daughter gave me beeswax – she knows how to get to my heart!  I will enjoy it for a long time.

I will continue to drink my peppermint tea and enjoy my honeys and thank the farmers and apiarist for all that they do to provide such wonderful delights.

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