Walla Walla Sweets – yummmmm

Walla Walla Sweet onions, fresh and dehydrated

Our 25 lb bag of Walla Walla Sweet Onions has been reduced to a couple of gallon bags of dehydrated onion rings.  It took four rounds of eight trays full in the dehydrator, the last of which is still running on the deck as I write.  They smell heavenly and taste like candy; they will flavor my soups, stews, and meats through the winter.  To top it off, we sauteed the last of them for lunch today: delightful!  Grilled turkey burger, fresh picked tomato and a brown ale from England completed the meal.

Braided garlic

I used the passive/screen method to dehydrate many of my herbs successfully.  The later harvest will probably go through the dehydrator.

Thinking I could keep the fresh garlic close at hand in the kitchen by braiding it, I made the tightest braids I could and set them on the screen to dry with the herbs.  Now that the tops have fully dried, the braids are loose, so they will not hang.  Beginners mistake, when I grow it again I will know to make some changes to the growing area and the way I store them.  But it was fun to try it all out and I am sure it will taste fantastic.

I could get antsy for Fall with all of the delicious smells hanging around the house.

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