Limbo at this point in the season

The kids are back in school, so the nearby elementary school buzzers and bells chime in regularly through the day.  The community college and university students are buying their books and gearing up to start their classes.  Only Adam’s County fair is left in the Basin, but for us that is a big event: my step-daughter has a pig for her FFA and she is running for the rodeo queen title “Miss Othello”.  She has gone through all of the pageant events, but the disclosure of the winner will not come until next Saturday.  We wait.

I am struggling to be out in the near-triple digit temperatures during the day.  I wander through the yard, pick a few errant weeds in the morning, before the heat, enjoying the smell of the roses and herbs, peaking at my lately planted vegetables to see how much they have grown, and marveling at the fifteen foot or taller sun flowers bobbing on the slight breeze.  Thankfully, there isn’t much to do in my garden right now.  The birds are possessive of their particular corners, wary of my cat, Dragon, but defiant to the last of them.  It is a funny scene to watch as he attempts a day-light attack; they tease him relentlessly.  To his credit, there is a fresh catch most mornings at the bottom of the deck stairs or under the patio where the concrete slab provides a little cooler picnic spot.

My vintage desk project has had to stop for a short time as I was in a car accident last week – thankfully just the two vehicles were badly damaged, no people – and I needed to get past the achy soreness that hit right after the crash.  If I am up to it, I will finish sealing the drawers and body of the desk this week.  Then on to creating the broken-tile mosaic top.

It is at this point in the season, when there is nothing pressing and so much to enjoy that I take the time to savor each color, fragrance, quirky bug industriously attempting to keep pace with his world, and relax.  My friend reminded me of a quote found in every gardener’s yard or potting shed when he was much younger: “…One is nearer God’s Heart in a Garden than anywhere else on Earth.”  It certainly seems easier for me to see and feel God in the garden, or anywhere there are plants.

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