Master Gardener Program

A year ago I signed up to take the Master Gardener course during the winter; due to lack of funds, there was no program offered.  A couple of weeks ago I received a letter saying the course would be offered the middle of September-early December.  After a brief debate with myself about taking the class or not, I chose to enroll.

The majority of the course in on-line, with quizzes after each chapter and such.  When I logged on last night I was happy to see there is an app for my phone!  Silly to think that my gardening is linked to my phone, but there is technology for you again.  Knowing the state of internet technology for classes in the universities is sometimes hit-and-miss, I am hoping this is a worthwhile app.  Should be an adventure, if not informative.

Part of the program requires me to volunteer ten or more hours each year & stay current with my information.  Ten hours a year – I can handle that!  Knowing me, I will do more hours if I get into something I really like doing (like writing) and one of the suggestions for volunteering is writing about the MG program and what it offers people in the community.  We will see how that goes.

It looks like I will have to buckle down with some good time management now.  I have been very spoiled having my time to do with what I would like.

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