It is 83 outside right now.  I went out this morning, thought it was still in the mid-sixties, to plant the peppermint plant my wonderful husband brought me.  Both the plant and I were wilting within the first few minutes in the sun.  Today is the first day of Autumn, and we have better summer weather than most of the summer.

That is a plus as my late-planted vegetables are looking fantastic and tasting great.  The leaf lettuce  and spinach are now useable.  I see loads of buds on the string bean bushes, the carrot and beet plants are doing fine.  Even the head lettuce is looking good; I have not grown head lettuce before.

Thankfully the weeds are not as prevalent now, so it doesn’t take much to clear them from the beds.  If all goes well with the fence next spring, we will mulch the garden with bark to help reduce the pests even more.  Our fence looks very weather worn now that the house is painted, so that will need some attention next season.

Studying for my Master Gardener training has been interesting.  Basic botany and soil have been the first two sections of reading.  Next week we will meet at a test orchard of WSU for a field trip; broader context for practicing our expanded knowledge and having the experts to answer our questions.

Oh, I discovered the Meyer’s Lemon tree in the sun room has many more buds, which translates to lots of potential lemons.  The kumquat is still strong, but no buds on that tree.  When the night temperatures are regularly in the low fifties I will bring in the tea rose and the two rosemary plants from the deck.  This year I will not coax the pelargoniums and tuberous begonias through the winter, but will replace them next year.

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