Big changes to the front yard

We live on a corner lot, with a small front yard.  Years ago the owners had the front of the lot professionally landscaped.  Twenty years later the mature trees and shrubs are a great privacy screen.  Unfortunately, we lost two evergreen trees this year and tomorrow they will be removed.  Obviously the dead trees can not stay where they are, but this will expose the entire south side of the yard!  This is the side that faces the city park, where the summer sun will bake the grass and new ground cover plants next year, and, maybe, worst of all to me, lets the street light directly into our bathroom window.  What do to with this space once the trees are removed?  I will take photos of the removal process tomorrow and write again about this quandary.  It will be interesting to watch the pros make short work of the branches, tall trunks and seemingly immobile stumps.  While they work out front, I will putter in the back, preparing the garden for winter.

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