Open and bright, different

Dead juniper, dying spruce & old stump needing to be removed.

It is nice to have something good come out of a necessary decision.  Our choice to remove the ailing spruce and dead juniper seemed inevitable, yet difficult.  The south end of the front yard is much brighter and looks great.  We had the stumps ground out as well so we could begin to think about how to use the space without their interference.

Juniper stump - the tree disappeared in short order.

Our choice of tree service was supported by other happy customers, so we were confident that it would be a job well done.  Right on time he arrived and set to work.  The juniper was gone before I could get out the door to take a picture of it’s removal.  The spruce was limbed from the bottom up and then from the top down.  So many dead needles were within the few living branches that they poured to the ground as the

Dead limbs come off very quickly from the spruce.

branches twisted and fell.   But the smell… evergreen resin is very intense.  I enjoyed staying outside and inhaling the scent of impending winter, of Christmas, of fires while out camping, and of helping my father to cut wood for our wood stove.

As he methodically chopped section by section and fed each

Already there is more light in the yard.

into the shredding machine to mince it into a compact bundle; I watched for a while.  The brisk air was as refreshing as the aroma of the sap.  I began cleaning up the back yard and manually chopping the huge sun flowers into small pieces to layer into the compost pile as I turned it yet again.

Still has its lovely shape, but no more dead branches.

We also had him prune the front dogwood and the cherry tree in the back yard.  Both are lovely again.

Weeping cherry shaped as it should be.

We do not hit the dogwood when we pull out of the driveway and the weeping cherry tree is now a lovely umbrella shape; as it is meant to be.

The house from the street - it looks rather empty now.

Saturday morning we worked hard, moving the wood sections downstairs to dry this year, shoveling the stump grindings and moving them to the north side of the house to prevent weeds, and pulling weeds around the back yard.  My son, my husband and I made quick work of the necessary chores; a pleasant morning’s work as it was divided amongst us.

Now we get to have fun deciding what to do with this space!

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