Houseplants – gardening continued

Morning feeding while the cat watches from the window.

Winter storm warnings were downgraded to winter weather watch at Snoqualmie Pass this weekend.  We have had thick frost covering the deck and lawns this week.  Even the cat has decided that it is better to go out during the day for a while and be inside at night.  His coat is a thick, glossy black, but I am sure it is not enough to keep the twenty-something temps out each night.  He cackles on the windowsill as the flocks of birds feed each morning.

Yes, I am still enjoying the Master Gardener training, but I prefer to be hands-on.  During last week’s workshop on seed germination we were reminded that the seed catalogs were on their way; planning next year’s new flower additions and vegetables will help mollify me too.  Especially since we had the trees out in the front and there is a decent sized space in the garden that will need attention this spring.  If it weren’t for my plants in the sun room, I would be going through withdrawals from gardening.  Study, dream, and nurture the containers as I do, I already long for warmer days.  As the holidays approach, I hope to be keep very busy and distracted so the cold season passes happily.

African violet: none-stop flowers.

From the thirty year old Umbrella plant to the rescued Christmas cactus and ficus; I garden in my sun room.  Various shades of green, bronze and gold greet me when I enter the room to work on my crafts and get more bird food for the ‘resident’ wild birds.  Only the African Violets in the kitchen flower regularly; most of the plants are foliage only as there are so many lovely colors and leaf sizes to choose from.  The spider plants and pothos are regularly pruned, the cuttings rooted and given away.

A lemon!
Spider plant runners, just one side of the plant.

This last year I purchased a Meyer’s lemon tree and a Key lime. The lemon arrived right after Thanksgiving and promptly went dormant.  The lime arrived in late March and died within two weeks.  I was very disappointed; my husband soothed the pain with a kumquat tree for my birthday.  Presently, there is one dark green lemon on the tiny lemon tree.  I am excited to have it.

Christmas cactus

I may plant some herbs to use fresh, but I will wait for the holidays to pass before I do that as I am not sure I have enough surface space to put more containers until I am done making and wrapping gifts.

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