Stroll through the winter garden

Weeping birch

While the temperatures were in the forties I thought I would see how the yard is faring.  With the two large trees out of the front yard there is more sun light, but also more wind through that part of the yard.  So far all looks good.  The recently pruned dogwood has a nice shape and lots of buds ready for spring.  We planted two young lilac bushes and they too are covered in buds.  It should be a colorful spring in the front yard.

Pink dogwood
Retaining wall helps protect the yard.

The back yard is surrounded by a six-foot wood fence, and in one place a cement retaining wall rises a full story high before that.  The sever cold weather of the last two months, with no protective snow cover, could prove too much for some of the more recent transplants.

Spinach in winter, what a surprise!

As I wander and ponder I am happy to see that there is still spinach growing!  What a great discovery, I will add some to my next salad.  The three clematis growing along the retaining wall have left only a few old flower heads to claim their territory.  Beneath them there is a healthy ivy plant, next spring it will begin to climb the retaining wall beneath the birth branch trellis.

Last year's clematis blossoms.
Rose hips

Further along the garden the festive red rose hips from the oldrose are huge and heavy on the dormant branches.  The blue fescue grass beneath the Italian prune tree are definitely blue, their seed heads waving in the afternoon breeze.

Planted with intention against a low cement wall for warmth and great southern exposure, the strawberry plants are bi-colored red and green.  Beside it the spearmint is still bright green; normally it is fully dormant with no viable leaves in the freezing temperatures we have had.

winter strawberries

While I was in the yard there were a few hungry juncos that didn’t let my presence deter them from their feast.

Juncos, hardly timid little birds

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