From Trainee to Intern

Yesterday at the Master Gardener Foundation meeting we celebrated the transition of eight trainees, myself included, to ‘Intern’ status.  It was a fun meeting with delicious desserts and high anticipation for an event filled year.  Each of us has to commit to twenty-five hours of clinic work and twenty-five hours of other volunteer time during this year.

Look for us at Farmer’s Markets and County Fair’s if you have garden questions.  The local extension office is reducing it’s support of our program due to continued financial difficulties – WSU receives less funding, so the extension offices have corresponding cuts to make.  There will eventually be an email address available for photos and questions to be sent in, but that is not functioning at the moment.

We are preparing for the spring Plant Sale in Moses Lake with activities beginning in a couple short weeks.  It will be exciting to clean out the green house, prep the pots for seedlings and split existing plants in our yards in the coming months.  The Saturday before Mother’s Day, May 12th will be the plant sale.  Mark your calendar and get some lovely plants for the mothers in your life.

Happy 2012!

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