Idaho Brewing Company in Idaho Falls

With a little time on my own while my dear hubby had business meetings to attend I wandered from Blackfoot to Idaho Falls in search of craft breweries.  The internet indicated two, I planned to hit both if time allowed.

Lots of awards displayed behind the bar at Idaho Brewing Company.
Lots of plants and warm blankets cozy up the space.

This brewhouse sits atop a gravel hill in an industrial area of the city.  I actually passed it by before coming back around to find it.  The entrance is not easy to spot, but when you do it is worth it.  There is a nice variety of ales and lagers to choose from in a modern, yet rustic mountain setting.  The hickory wood bar and accents with the  white walls enhance the openness of the space while the multitude of foliage plants, wool blankets and charming fireplace warm it up.  Outside it was 24 degrees F, there are tall heaters in an enclosed patio area before you come inside; overflow space, must get busy here.  They opened at 3:00, and I arrived at 3:03.  A regular came in and handed his growler to the bartender without a word.  I asked what he liked best; he told me he came in everyday to have the growler filled with IPA.  His first impression of it was it was too bitter, but it grew on him so much it became his favorite.  This brewery has been open for more than a couple years, his dedication is commendable and understandable.

There are twelve beers on tap, with one seasonal offering: Cranberry Bog is a Maibock base withe cranberry and spice giving it holiday flare.  As there was no Hefe in the flight but reference made to it, I believe this would be another seasonal offering.  From pale, mild and fruity (pear) lagers to award winning black lagers (Gold in both ’10 & ’11 at the NABA) and malty to hoppy ales, again multiple award winners, this brew house provides something for everyone.

For more information check out their website:

Susan: Sweetempranillo

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