15 Years in the Making

Atomic Ale Brewpub in Richland, Washington

This month fifteen years ago, on the 17th in particular, Atomic Ale Brewpub & Eatery opened for business in Richland, Washington.  Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads and desserts made with the beer’s they brew on-site.  To celebrate on the 17th, menu items from the early days (back in the ’90’s) will be featured and priced accordingly! Are you a regular?  Do you own a mug or did you sponsor a floor tile?  Look for further specials to honor you as a birthday gift.

Six standard beers and Assistant Brewer's IPA offerings

The beers.  Not your typical Northwest hop-heavy brews, instead there are some classic styles with telling names and exceptional flavor.  As the hop industry slowly rebuilds after flooding and droughts around the world, this approach is quite sustainable.  David Acton, Brewer/Manager spent some time chatting with me during my visit.  He believes a beer should be drinkable and work well with food.  From the Half Life Hefeweizen to the Rad Dog Russian Imperial Stout, that is the case.   Atomic Amber is the most popular of their six beers.  It is mild with a subtly spicy hop.  My first experience with it was in their salad dressing – oh, so good.  Pairing it with a bratwurst and salad with the dressing would have been one step better.

IP2A is International Proton Pale Ale, with 74 IBU the citrus hop and nice carbonation are in keeping with the style, but not overpowering the malt.

Seaborgium 106, named for the heavy metal atom created in 1974 with a half life of less than two minutes, this lovely Scottish Ale is full bodies with a bit of lacing.  Seabor was an American Scientist instrumental in discovering Plutonium in the early 1940’s – remember the name of the Imperial Stout mentioned above?

More transparent a process than that at Hanford.

See a pattern developing?  Hanford, the U.S.’s first large scale nuclear site is Richland’s neighbor since the mid-1940’s.  With so many scientists and engineers in the region Atomic Ale Brewpub and Grill is both poking fun and respectful of this huge nuclear neighbor.

Brewer’s Assistant, Aaron Rumble, an avid home brewer as well, had a go at creating his own IPA, General Groves IPA, with 7% ABV & 72 IBU from a combination of Northwest hops.  Reputed ‘as a strong and bitter leader… it (is) appropriate to name our IPA after this great man’.  This leader of the Manhatten Project for the Army Corp of Engineers had a major impact in making Hanford what it is today.  Definitely hoppy and bitter; which is what Aaron was aiming for.

Check them out: http://www.atomicalebrewpub.com/

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