When you love someone…

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I truly wish each one of you love and happiness daily – not just February 14th of each year.  My emails to my family and friends typically close with a loving message every time I write, but for some reason I will post a message on Facebook and probably text my kids, reminding them that I love them so very much.  Each has moved on in their life, but there are moments when they flounder, feeling lonely and alone and I feel compelled to make a special effort on a day that may not be as fulfilling for them as they would like.  Heaven knows I have had those days and appreciate the token wishes tremendously.

Recently, on a board that I visit a couple of times a week, there was a query made by a member: was someone with mental illness able to be truly and profoundly loved?  Can you imagine feeling so difficult to love that you would actually put the question out to near strangers in the virtual world?

Why would a mentally ill person not be truly and profoundly loveable?  Would you not love someone with cancer? diabetes? Alzheimers?  Do we stop loving an aging person because they are aging?  I have truly and profoundly loved people diagnosed with mental illness, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers, and many other incurable maladies.  I am sure you have too.  But to know that someone still feels unlovable due to a medical diagnosis, the extra effort, on a day that focuses so minutely on love is worth it.  You may be the person that makes the difference.

Be it your long lost uncle, your best friend, your coworker or someone that you pass on your way to where you are going, give them an extra smile, send them a note, and love them for who they are.  It is a simple kindness, but obviously necessary.

Lovingly, Susan

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