Drum roll, please…

I’ve spent the last two weeks watching the tree branches and daffodils as they slowly shook off their winter slumber.  The weekend was lovely with 50-60 degree temps, but it was yesterday’s rain that seemed to do the trick, like a jolt of caffeine.

This morning the lilacs are showing color in their buds.  The clenched fists of the weeping cherry are no longer so tight and the neighbors crocuses are in full bloom on the side of my driveway.  There was a pair of robins dancing on the fence top in the rain.  It is fun watch the covey of quail as they move in obvious pairs between the park and our yard.  Spring is here!

Another great indicator in our lives is the onslaught of planting season in the potato industry, as I am sure in other crops.  Machinery ordered and delivered isn’t enough; ensuring the behemoths that do the actual planting are connected and calibrated properly comes with the sales territory.  My dear husband rises early, comes home late and during most planting seasons devotes his life to his customers.  No regrets, I use the time as well as I can gardening, writing, crafting, and enjoying the company of friends.

I have been itching to get outside in the garden, now I will have to.  The weather forecasters seem to agree that we are past the worst of the freezing night temperatures.  With a bit of soil preparation it is time to plant lettuce, spinach, and lots of root vegetables.  I have a nicely protected spot in the garden that helps deter frost problems, this is where I have my vegetable garden.  If you don’t have such a spot, cover the rows with wire hoops and a sheet of plastic or, as my mother has always done, cut the bottoms of plastic milk jugs off and place the top over the small plants, terrarium style.

After losing the two large trees in the front yard last fall, I hope we didn’t lose any more of the less sturdy plants.  Another garden project for the spring is to measure and determine how we want to replant the south edge of the front yard.  I have lots of ideas, some totally impractical, but fun to dream.  We know we want sufficient blockage to privatize our yard again, but it doesn’t seem wise to put large trees back in that space.  There is enough remaining structure to the garden that we will take our cues from it when making choices.

Happy Gardening!

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