Compulsive remodel

The closet is almost out-of-the-way, carpet is gone and we are committed to the changes.

Domino affect, when one action causes other actions in a series.  Last spring we needed to replace our HVAC as it wasn’t functioning.  The electrical inspector told us the breaker box was not up to code and it was going into his notes as such in the event we made an insurance claim.  What to do, the previous owners had built the closet around the box and my son was using the room, so it was not possible to tear it out right then.  As you may recall, my son moved out last fall, allowing us free access to the room… right before the holidays and the traveling we needed to do for the Ag conferences through January and February.  Armed with many thoughts about the room’s potential uses, we discussed them all and made the decision to create an exercise room.

With a little more work we will have a finished exercise room.

For a month we have worked hard to renovate the room.  We removed the closet wall, stripped the carpet, refinished newly exposed walls, framed in an extension to the foundation cover that had ended at the closet… just to prepare the room to refinish.  From cream-colored carpet that had seen better days and sea-foam green walls that were in need of fresh paint for more than just the color update to reddish-brown tile floor and smoke colored walls; we left the oak bead board alone as there was too much of the room already finished with it to make it reasonable to remove.  The treadmill and bike are in the room!  So is a lovely glossy black framed privacy screen with rice paper – we put a lamp behind it and I love the effect.  Naturally, we are getting the room finished just in time for the sunny weather when we will exercise outdoors!

I love remodeling, we have done a lot to this house in the two years we have lived here; I renovated three houses before it and built my first house – probably my favorite ‘craft’ is updating a room or house.

Sound absorbing panels are the next step in this project; too many hard surfaces to cancel the noise of the machines in this 19′ x 9′ room.  Once I make them I will write an accompanying post.  Oh, I will also be sure to get a photo to the insurance office to ensure we are up to code.

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