A day to be outside…

Spinach from last fall; tastes great!

They complained when I made them clean up last years twigs and branches from the flower beds.  They groaned and resisted when I made them cut the grass growing in the vegetable garden into sod pieces and pound the soil from the grass roots.  Perfect weather to work, not too cold/not too hot.  But I persevered and we managed to get most of the forty or so feet by two foot wide strip cleared.  Even as we cleaned up the few tools and gloves they complained – we were on our way in to clean up and they still wouldn’t stop.  So, I drowned my aching muscles in a seriously hot shower in the hopes that I could put them out of their misery for the day.

Ahhhhh, short-lived, I still ache and know tomorrow may not see as much action in the garden as I would like.  But, I will not give up!  That grass will be removed and my lettuce, carrots, leeks, etc. will have their nicely prepared home as soon as I can manage it.

In a game to see how many of them could fit on one branch.

This morning when I peaked out the window the sparrows were competing to sit on one branch of the forsythia.  Their antics were cute enough to warrant a picture.

Meanwhile, my clean up detail allowed me to see both agastache (mine and the one for the hummingbirds – two different varieties) and the monarda well on their way for the year.  My irises are flourishing and the rescued yellow lily and blue columbines are back; the neatly pruned fountain cherry is threatening to burst into a pink umbrella at any moment.  The miniature Daphne is budding out – I can’t wait to smell the heavenly blooms!  It is rejuvenating for me to be in my garden – ok, rejuvenating to my mind, but rough on the muscles no matter how well I pace myself or efficiently I work.  Anticipating the next gardening day…

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