Letting nature guide my planting

Have you read the back of the vegetable seed packets?  For years I would watch the weather, constantly referring to the thermometer, to be sure the night temperatures were beyond freezing before I planted.  This year, having more education about plants in general, I decided to watch the trees and shrubs in the garden instead of the thermometer.  Maybe not full-proof, but far more pleasant a pass-time.

I finished getting the sod clumps out-of-the-way and preparing the vegetable bed today.  It was grueling work, my body wasn’t recovered enough from the efforts a couple of days ago, but I have been watching the forsythia begin to bloom, the cherry tree has deep pink buds and the daffodils are about a week before bloom and felt compelled to get in the garden.

When my wonderful husband called this afternoon he mentioned that he heard on the radio a short piece about planting your beets, carrots, radishes, spinach and several other cold-tolerant vegetables when your forsythia blooms, potatoes when dandelions bloom and your hot-weather vegetables (annual herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) when dogwoods bloom.  We had to laugh about the timing of the radio announcement as I was becoming obsessive about getting the seeds out in the ground watching the plants this year.  How come I had never heard or seen that kind of information before now?

Once the soil was ready and the sod clumps were piled, now soil-less, the sun came out to encourage me to finish the job.  It didn’t take long to plant carrots, swiss chard, beets, kohlrabi and leek seedlings.  I am glad to have that done for now so I can focus on preparing for Easter and a visit with my family.

It did strike me as odd that potato planting season is in full swing here in the Basin, but the dandelions are just green, I haven’t seen any buds yet.  Makes me wonder about the basis of the guidelines – but the thermometer seems to agree with the forsythia and cherry tree, so I won’t question too much.

Happy planting!




5 thoughts on “Letting nature guide my planting

  1. Hi Susan, I just noticed the little boxes that ask if I want to be notified of follow up comment. Yes, I do. Just checked both.
    It would be very useful to me as a newish gardener, what homemade remedies you have for bugs, slugs and worms? I have been looking on line and see dishes of beer for snails. I don’t drink beer but would invest in some if it works. Dish soap and water spray for bugs seems a popular method. How often is my question? They do say not to use antibacterial. Anything else you can add? I do remember egg shells for something but don’t remember what.


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