Freshly 'minted' soap

For you Carol, as you traverse the country this week and next, thought you would like to see the results of Monday’s soap making.  Not a fancy picture, but I was still pretty soapy from cutting the bars when I took this.  There are two layers here, separated by waxed paper.  I covered it all loosely with more waxed paper when I was done.

They will rest for three weeks like this, then I like to put them away, with some ventilation so they continue to dry.  In our high desert climate just a month or two will make a huge difference in how the soap performs.  While still fresh, it lathers up really well but squishes through your fingers while you use it.  Once it has had time to dehydrate the surface water doesn’t penetrate far enough to make the soap mush while you use it – but it still lathers up well.


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