My Mother’s Day gift

My husband and I began celebrating Mother’s Day a day early by going to Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee, WA on Saturday.  This small alpine oasis amongst the rugged cliffs was created by the Ohme Family beginning about the late 1920’s.  It is an easy walk, even the steepest parts are not difficult for the average person.

We decided to go in the morning as it was predicted to be in the mid-80’s that day.  The sun sparkled against the mica in the rocks, many of the flowers were in bloom and the evergreen trees towered above us, providing shade at intervals.  Perfect picture-taking time, so my wonderful husband snapped away while we walked.  Ferns greeted us at the first pond.  Robins snatched up worms and bugs, oblivious to our presence.  At one turn, hidden beneath a curtain of lithodura, was a quail nest with three eggs, unattended as we had inadvertently startled the bird.

Meandering over the hills admiring the colors and textures painstakingly planted and tended; peaking over the rim of a pond to find vividly hued koi was a lovely, peaceful experience.  The traffic of the highway below is audible and along the edges of the park commerce and industry dominate the landscape; by design, it is easy to disregard this and enjoy the beauty at hand.

On Sunday we rode the motorcycle to visit with my family and celebrate my fantastic mother.  I-90 west and Hwy 2 coming east, passed the cliff-side gardens from the day before.  I am glad we had the opportunity to be outside over the whole weekend.

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