The smell of sheets air dried on the line…

Since I was little the smell of the clothes and linens that came in off of the clothes-line has been one of my favorite smells.  Yesterday I washed a load of sheets and hung them to dry on my laundry-line in the back yard.  Part of it is over the spearmint and when I put the sheets on the bed the sweet smell of mint wafted through the room, instantly creating the coolness of the garden around me.  Drier sheets do not even come close to replicating the effect.

When I can’t get to the line in the yard, due to weather or time, I hang my shirts and clothes-pin my pants to hangers and spread them along the deck, or over door frames during the winter.  Drying them in the machine seems to cause rapid wear, which adds to my need to hang my laundry.

I also make summer last as long as possible by washing occasionally used linens, hanging them to dry and folding them with dried lavender or another favorite herb so when I pull them out in the winter I can savor the smell of summer.

It has occurred to me that I don’t see many clothes lines in my neighborhood.  Someone told me that there is an ordinance against them in our community, but I couldn’t find it to reference.  It would be sad to think that a very green and efficient method of caring for our clothes would be illegal for some reason; sounds insane to me, but there are some things that strike me as strange in this little town, so it may be.

As long as I have a line or a place to hang, I will air dry my laundry.

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