An A-Mazing Choice

Have you ever thought of life as a maze of choices?  Once you make a choice the paths you denied close to you and you lose some opportunities along those paths, but the way you chose expands before you with more choices, continuing the maze.

My choice to parent, singly, and work jobs that would give us some stability of shelter, food, etc. seemed to preclude a career that I would enjoy.  There were some great experiences and wonderful people along the way, but my days were full of W-O-R-K – and yes, most of the time it was truly a four-letter-word.  My decisions were calculated to give me time to parent, to model commitment and follow-through of those commitments for my children and provide for us in a productive and healthy way.  There is no resentment of these decisions as they were appropriate in their time.  My dreams and thoughts would stray to possible worlds where I was charged to get up and get to a job I enjoyed – testing choices in my head prior to committing to them as a real path for my life gave me some solace during difficult times.

My kids are grown, making their own choices and following their own paths.  I have had a year to regroup and rediscover what makes me tick; I have taken every opportunity to travel with my fantastic husband, I am now a Certified Master Gardener and I love gardening, especially herbs, I made lots of soap and perfected my process after almost two decades as I didn’t need to rush to get dinner on the table or a child to a function, I have renovated our house to bring it into the twenty-first century, and, as a team, my husband and I have dabbled in making fruit wine at home with much success, if my family is a good gauge.  Writing this blog and the one for Brix & Stone has acted as a diary of sorts for me to review and ponder.

When I was living in Ellensburg the Enology Program at CWU enticed me, but it was a commitment I couldn’t make while the kids were home and I was the only source of income as my family’s needs had to come first.

Now, with total support from my best friend and husband, I have decided to pursue certification through the Institute of Viticulture and Enology in Walla Walla and delve deeper into the world of wine.  My background in geology and gardening and the time I have been spending researching various aspects of grape growing and wine making will be put to further use  when I graduate from this program.  The experiences I have while studying will provide further information to help discern which path in the maze I choose to walk.

To make this, and the parallel path my husband’s career opportunities are providing, happen we are faced with down-sizing our belongings and selling our house to move to the area we will need to be in.  This is good and timely for us as we are ready to move to a new place that is neither his old stomping grounds (our current town) nor mine (where we began as a couple).

As with any choice, there are consequences.  We have made some friendships that will need more work to ensure they continue over the distance, family will be further away, and routines will be destroyed in the process of changing homes.  Are the consequences we can live with – so far, so good.

I hope you can follow your heart and find excitement in your daily life.  We are surrounded by interesting people, wonderful panoramas, and many possibilities for happiness each day; wishing you the best with your own life choices.


One thought on “An A-Mazing Choice

  1. Well said. As usual. Our lives seem to be composed of multiple mini-lives. I enjoyed living in Denmark, having careers in Aviation, Law Enforement, & the machinery business. I’m excited to start another “new life” in a new city with you. Bring it on ‘cuz I’m in full charge ahead mode!


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