Exciting new chapter for me!

My wonderful husband and I spent Thursday morning at the WAWGG Trade Show in Kennewick.  (That’s Washington Association of  Wine Grape Growers)  It was interesting to enter the support world of the wineries and vineyards; about as great as shopping antique and furniture stores for me.  Which is to say I had the warm fuzzy, butterfly feeling in anticipation.

January 2013 bottled apricot and nectarine wines
January 2013 bottled apricot and nectarine wines

Soil, compost and fertilizing, irrigation installation and monitoring; specialized nurseries; equipment to all but harvest the grapes from the field; more equipment to transport, crush, and ferment; barrels to store; bottlers, corkers, and labelers, bottles, corks, glass corks, screw caps and wrappers; coopers, refurbishes, sterilizers and cleaners, storage boxes, shipping boxes; yeast salesmen, laboratories to analyze your wines, and consultants to help you decide how to make sense of everything relating to vineyards and wineries were interested in knowing about our winery needs.  Well… premature question for us as our fruit wine is made in such small batches, from fruit we procure locally rather than raise ourselves, that we don’t currently need what was being offered.  In fact, one cork salesman was so very offended by our recycling of bottles (which we clean and sterilize between uses) that do not need corks that he was down right rude and insinuated that we were just filling landfills.  OK, right.

For the most part people were very informative, lots of fun to talk to and happy to have someone new to listen to their sales pitch.  We came home with reading material that I will actually read (industry magazines and some literature about specific equipment and associated virtues) and a sturdy bag in a non-offensive color for me to grocery shop with.

I feel as dormant as these grapes right now.
I feel as dormant as these grapes right now.

Since I have to wait until September to begin the Enology and Viticulture certification programs at Walla Walla Community College I am jacked to have some new avenues to research and investigate until then.

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