Seven Hills 2010 Carmenere

After a make shift dinner of salad and cobbled together left overs, my wonderful husband brought a bottle up from our cellar – which holds my pickles, canned fruit, our homemade  fruit wine and misc other stuff as well as our bottles of wine – so this is his choice tonight.  I might have to coax him to select a wine more often.

2010 Seven Hills Carmenere from Walla Walla, WA
2010 Seven Hills Carmenere from Walla Walla, WA

Seven Hills winery 2010 Carmenere.  Where the last bottle was probably easy to find, this one will not be; it isn’t on the website.  As a special bottling, this Carmenere was sourced from two Walla Walla vineyards.

A bright ruby-red color, we poured it right from the bottle to start with and then aerated it.  First poured the nose highlighted leather, dried herbs, and a bit like the local tire shop’s tires (rubber); but quite pleasant.  Right away the tannins dominated my palate with white pepper and herbs at the front and a lingering berry finish.

Once aerated, the nose lost most of the rubbery aroma, retained the leather and herbs for a wonderfully warm impression.  Reining in the tannins allowed the pepper and herb flavors to grow, but retained the brightness it had at first.  The berry finish clarifies a bit to raspberry.

Using my sliver of brownie and square of dark chocolate to pair since dinner was already done, both complimented the wine and vice versa nicely.  I could be tempted to pair them again for a second round of dessert they were so good.  I am thinking I will make pasta for dinner tomorrow with a red sauce since half of the bottle will remain tonight.

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