Much ado about nothing, but worth the effort

I jumped at the opportunity to join my husband ‘in the field’ today when he told me he had to be in Ellensburg to look at some machinery.  This is a town I used to call home.

Old track and dock.
Old track and dock.

The sun teased us as we drove west on I-90 this morning but stuck around as if curious what was inside the cold storage building beside a double set of tracks, the closer of which has been inactive for a very long time, where we stopped before entering the Yakima River Canyon.  Exposing the tangle of faded, cobweb-hung metal carcasses to the light we were

Faded, cobweb-covered machinery.
Faded, cobweb-covered machinery.

overpowered by the pungent odor of pigeon and rodent droppings.  I stayed outside the shed; not the helper I intended to be during this outing.  Once he had the photos and information that he needed we headed to town for lunch: Yellow Church Cafe on Pearl St, one of our favorites during Art Walk and Jazz in the Valley visits.

I had my heart set on a soup and salad since they make their soups and I can usually have them.  The soup of the day, much to my chagrin, cream of jalapeno.  Choice #2, tuna melt (not your average sandwich, by the way) only to realize that I would have to purchase a bottle to get a glass of viognier to go with it – strike two. Yes, I am picky, so coming back to the menu for the third time I was feeling defeated and the poor server and my husband were already using silent looks to communicate which meant this had been going on too long.  Could I have chosen another white wine? Yes, but I didn’t want another wine with that, so it was better for me to readjust my thinking from the beginning.  Choice #3, bistro salad with lovely blue

Yellow Church lunch: Portteus 2011 Rattlesnake Red with Bistro Salad.
Yellow Church lunch: Portteus 2011 Rattlesnake Red with Bistro Salad.

cheese and grilled chicken, fresh greens and mandarin slices which I chose to pair with a glass of 2011 Rattlesnake Red from Portteus Winery in Zillah, WA.  This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Sangiovese with very smooth tannins and a lovely dark berry flavor; nothing ‘venomous’ or ‘bitey’ about it.  I appreciate the humor and patience with which we all managed to get through the ordering process; it was a fantastic meal, as was anticipated.

Disappointed by the lack of excitement hidden in the storage shed and not invited to join us for lunch, the sun deserted us completely.  It was a drizzly drive back to Grant County and just over sixty so the garden will be stirring soon.

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