Chamber Auction last night

Our wine/dinner group decided to go to the local Chamber Auction last night – a good change of pace for us.  Four local wineries were tasting their wares: Ryan Patrick (Ancient Lakes AVA), Kiona (Red Mountain AVA), Milbrandt (Wahluke Slope & Ancient Lakes AVA’s), and Ginkgo Forest (Wahluke Slope AVA).  Reds, whites, and dessert wines from some of the oldest and the newest AVA’s in Washington State.  Familiar or not, we tried the wines; I tasted the whites, then the reds, then the late harvest and dessert wine.

Basin Summer Sounds 2013 poster - glare of the glass didn't let me get a good image.
Basin Summer Sounds 2013 poster – glare of the glass didn’t let me get a good image.

There was only one item I searched out in the silent auction – the paper-wrapped Basin Summer Sounds poster for this year.  When I moved here I wanted to get involved in the community; this music festival was a great way to do so.  Each year we bid on and won the poster at this event.  As this is the tenth anniversary, and likely the last one I will participate in since we will be moving away, this year’s poster meant a lot to me.  I kept a sharp eye on it.

Ginkgo Forest Winery, 2008 Ginkgo Red
Ginkgo Forest Winery, 2008 Ginkgo Red

Tasting wine, chatting with everyone we knew, and browsing through the rest of the silent auction items brought us rapidly to dinner and the live auction; we came home with the now unveiled poster!  We purchased a couple of bottles of the Ginkgo Forest Winery’s 2008 Ginkgo Red, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot for the table and a few bottles to bring home.  Double Gold winner at the Seattle Wine Awards in 2012, nicely balanced and bold enough for our general liking.  (It is so nice to have a group of friends that share your palette!)

We decided to bid on something that would go toward one of our up-coming wine/dinners.  Choices were limited: a BBQ dinner or Pizza at a local restaurant.  Have I mentioned that we are a small burg? Generous people, but options aren’t readily available.  The BBQ dinner was the first choice and two minutes after the bidding began we were declared the winner.  We will plan that for sometime this summer.

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