2008 Tempranillo from Gifford Hirlinger

GiffordHirlinger_08TempranilloWanted to get a Tempranillo into this month’s blogs; turns out we had only Gifford Hirlinger‘s 2008 Estate Tempranillo in the cellar.  Last October, during crush, we stopped at this little winery in the south region of Walla Walla.  We stumbled upon it driving to another winery and chose to stop.  It was a good choice that day.  We will have to return to replace this bottle for longer cellaring as it will keep well.

Do you see the dark end of the cork in the picture?  It is a gloriously rich, garnet in the glass.  Earthy with mild fruit aromas greet the nose; quite pleasant.  Bold tannins, rather rough upon opening this bottle, dominated the palate.  After aerating the earthy, smoky beginning and berry finish were much more enjoyable.  I think we will keep the rest of the bottle to pair with a roast for dinner tomorrow.

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