A few more West Region wineries

We are ten days out from Basin Summer Sounds Music Festival (7/19-20 in Ephrata, WA), about 75% of our belongings are moved to the new house and there is potentially an offer on our existing house, oh, I am registered for 19 credits in Fall Quarter, too.

To break up the work, we have been stopping at different wineries in the west region of Walla Walla on our way into or out-of-town.  Since Spring Release weekend (written about in the two previous posts) we’ve been to a few more.  (We were at Cougar Crest in August of 2011; they are the end of the blog from the 8/17/11 post.)

Grantwood, a two-person operation using carboys (five-six gallon jars) and a hand truck rather than stainless steel tanks in a versatile, three-room fermenting facility attached to a tasting room.  Their web presence is via the Walla Walla Wine Guide.  We had the nuts to bolts tour including the four-bottle filling station with both a hand-corking and a labeling apparatus.  You have to go into the winery to purchase – and it is worth the stop.  Since they don’t have a lot of product and can’t sit on bottle aging wine, their selection is table ready with good fruit and minimal tannins.  For new red wine drinkers, this is a great way to explore new territory.

Glencorrie Vineyard and Winery is another small winery with horses in the back pasture and the tasting room in the ‘stable’.  It was a cool setting to think about a photo shoot for horsey people needing a backdrop – can you tell we participated in the Rodeo Queen circuit for a while? (You would have to seek permission as this is just my musings)  All red, lovely wines and we will remember to go back to pick some up once our move is done and we aren’t just drinking from our cellar.

Three Rivers Winery would swallow the other two whole and still have room to spare.  It is a golfer and wine-lovers stop with a few short holes to help stretch your legs after a tasting.  There are lots of award-winning wines, both red and white, for immediate consumption or cellaring.  The only other patrons that day were obviously repeat customers killing time before they went home to their wives after a day on the golf course, but the scale of the tasting room and the presence of a conference room speak to large groups.

Looking forward to stopping at more of the west region wineries in the coming weeks.

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