We are a family in the new house now

We did it! The cats made the journey with me today; with surprisingly minimal effort to catch Oscar. Dragon purred all the way to the truck, but he took his time settling in beside me. There was no purring during the two and a half hour drive despite lots of chattering to them and scratching ears and chins as possible. I felt quite fortunate that we didn’t have to wait long through the multiple road construction sights along our route. I have to find time to vacuum my truck since it covered in black and gray cat hair.

They are currently hiding behind the dryer together in the laundry room. All of their amenities are in there with them, but untouched to this point. Not sure how long Dragon can make it without food, so he will be the first out.

We unpacked the cars and put everything away before barbecuing dinner. Oh, we saw our first humming birds here after dinner while sipping our wine. The cats are quiet as we sit down to finally relax.

We expect the Internet provider tomorrow. I can give my dear hubby back his iPad and use my computer again. A full week without Internet service didn’t hurt my feelings, but it is nice to have when I want it.

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