Lagranja 360 Tempranillo 2011

On a lark, a friend and I decided to purchase an international wine at Trader Joe’s early last spring. I can’t recall what she purchased, but the description of the wine on the label and online didn’t match the wine at all. Ironically, there was a small description by the wine that pegged it perfectly – marshmallow! Not a favorite of either of ours.

I intended to drink it sooner, but moving got in the way of cooking and relaxing during the passed several months. Having our first barbecue at the new house, I grabbed a red and put it on the counter: Lagranja 360 2011 Tempranillo. There was no description by this wine and the label indicated BBQ roasted meats were a good pairing.

Unscrewed the top, poured us each a taste, and I must say I was quite pleased. No aerating or waiting, it was good right away. Full of red berries and smooth, for a hot night it was a good choice. Roasted potatoes with rosemary, red cabbage, and rib steak.

As I write the wine gets more complex, still jammy at first, but now there is vanilla and leather with a hint of smoke at the very end. Not much nose, but for a few bucks, I am impressed. Might have to stop at Trader Joe’s when we head over the Cascade Mountains next, or find it locally…

2 thoughts on “Lagranja 360 Tempranillo 2011

  1. We have had that wine a couple of times- it is easy and inexpensive, nothing too complex but worth the price. You don’t have TJs over there on the east side? That surprises me, but I guess I have never looked. Oddly, the photo of the bottle shows up in the WordPress Reader, but not the post.


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