Kitty comfort since our move

I am happy to say, both cats are adjusting to our new home quite well.   Two days ago my big, black cat, Dragon, decided to explore the patio.  For the first hour he was right outside the sliding glass door, just sniffing and soaking up the not-too-hot morning sun.  It took him another hour to put the herb garden and the rest of the new garden outside the kitchen in perspective; then he disappeared!  I was surprised, but pleased, that he felt comfortable enough to remain outside since our last move was very traumatic for him.  My chore of the day was to prune back some of the larger plants so mowing is easier and the shrubs that have been trimmed for looks have less mass inside and more air flow; helps them stay healthy.

Dragon, his favorite pastime.
Dragon, his favorite pastime.

Dragon would show up at my ankles, rub a time or two and saunter off to further explore his new territory.  He has scoped out the cool, shady spots to hang out during the day and been outside every day since.  I am hoping that this added activity and time away from the food dish will encourage a slimmer kitty.  Of course, he preferred time outside is 2 AM until I let him in.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he returns to his routine soon.

Oscar spies another cat in the glass of the fireplace.
Oscar spies another cat in the glass of the fireplace.

Oscar, still sleeps her day away under the sofa.  She comes out in the morning for her attention: lots of scratching behind the ears, stroking her back and rubbing her belly while she purrs.  Once we settle down in the evening she will join us, sometimes demanding a repeat of the morning attention, sometimes staring at the drawer with the laser pen to be played with, and sometimes to just ‘be’.  She is the first to scramble into hiding at a knock on the door; considering Dragon’s timidity, that is impressive.  She seems content to hunt the random flying insect that makes it into the house, with no interest in actually going outside.  There are birds all around the house, so she may be enticed outside at some point too.

Charlie, our umbrella plant
Charlie, our umbrella plant

We let them explore our bedroom last night.  This is a big deal as I put nearly all of the houseplants into the master bathroom to keep them out of her way – she digs in the soil and eats the leaves until the plant is in stress.  While we were there, she was polite to the plants and made nice.  We got busy with something and she made her move; the only ‘nice’ side of the palm now has several chewed leaves.  The big umbrella plant has to be in the great room due to his size.  I anticipate landscape fabric and lots of my collected stones to keep her out of the pot.  She doesn’t seem to like his leaves very much, thankfully.  Her other favorites are hanging or on top of bookshelves.

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