Kitty feuding

It has been an interesting week with our two cats.  Late last week Dragon didn’t come home as usual in the morning.  All day I called to him, but there was no sign of him.  Across the street is a large open field, perfect hunting grounds for the local feline.  I crossed the street and walked along the edge of the field calling him.  As it turns out, our neighbor’s border collie had him pinned underneath a corner of their house.  When they heard me calling him in the early evening they connected the dog’s crazy behavior all day with it.  Sure enough, with a flashlight we could see him.  Half an hour after the dog went inside Dragon came sauntering over to the fence.  I am sure he avoids that yard now.

Oscar at the old house, she has matured a bit since this picture.
Oscar at the old house, she has matured a bit since this picture.

A few days ago our semi-feral cat, Oscar, decided to explore the patio and herb garden right outside the door.  We were on the patio eating dinner, Dragon was lounging under a bench not far from us.  She came back in with the laser pen a couple of hours later.  When I went to the door to let Dragon inside she bolted through it, quite intent on spending the day outside.  This is the cat we still can’t pick up or hold, despite nearly nine months of living with her.  All day it was fun to spot her pewter fur darting between the shrubbery or chasing a startled sparrow.

Come evening, this headstrong kitty didn’t want anything to do with coming inside.  I made some peace with this as she had survived on her own for the first several months of her life; now she knew she was welcome.  At least, that is what I thought.  This morning, instead of the nose-to-nose and body rubbing between Dragon and Oscar, Dragon chose to lay across the open sliding glass door threshold.  When I put fresh food in his bowl in the laundry room he stayed there for a bit.  In came Oscar, purring and loving and happy.  She kept an eye on the door to be sure it wasn’t closed, but made her way toward the laundry room for a bite to eat.  Dragon blocked her way, not quite hissing and spitting at her, but clearly menacing her.  Out the door she went, so I brought her a little food right by the door.  She ate it and left again.

He likes to hang close to me while I am in the garden.
He likes to hang close to me while I am in the garden.

During these balmy summer months I am sure she will be fine, but come the cold weather I hope they can make peace again.  Our intent is to put a kitty door into the garage so the cats can come and go as they please.  It might have to move up the priority list with this latest development.

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