Pasek Cellars

Pasek Cellars is one of many wineries in the Skagit Valley. When I worked at Brix & Stone we carried some of the Pasek wines, so I was a bit familiar with them.

Their Arabica, a strong coffee dessert wine was a top seller for us-keep in mind it might still be, but I have moved away, so can’t confirm this.  Jennifer, our tasting room hostess yesterday confirmed it is one of their most popular.

As a fruit wine maker, for many fewer years than Pasek Cellars has been around, I wanted to try more of their sixteen offerings.  This is prolific farm country where exquisite berries are to be had throughout the growing season; a ready basis for the Pasek wines.  Although they do use Yakima Valley wine grapes for a few of their offerings and there are two tropical fruit wines which, obviously, can’t be locally grown.

Tulip Red for 2013 Festival is 100% 2010 Syrah
Tulip Red for 2013 Festival is 100% 2010 Syrah

The one grape wine that I will focus on is the ‘Tulip Red’ bottled in January for release during the April Tulip Festival; it features the poster art for that year as the label.  This year’s ‘blend’ is actually 100% 2010 Syrah from the Yakima Valley AVA which sat on oak (unknown details by the tasting room hostess) for ‘quite a while’.  Enjoyable, next festival, grab a bottle and enjoy it while you picnic among the tulips.

We made a mixed berry wine with berries from the Skagit Valley, two years ago.  It was a lovely, dark berry wine with enough residual sugar for us to consider it on the dessert side; but tasting Pasek’s offerings ours would have been considered dry.

Cranberry Wine with the Crimson Glory label from Pasek Cellars
Cranberry Wine with the Crimson Glory label from Pasek Cellars

Their Cranberry Wine, is, apparently, their best seller.  Think cranberry sauce in a glass – that sweet-tart pucker and bright red color are true to the fruit and pairs very well with traditional Thanksgiving dinner or a grilled chicken supper on the deck before the summer ends.  They have two labels for this wine, the second bearing the Crimson Glory title, a footballer rushing the ball forward.  Might there be a WSU alum in the ranks of Pasek Cellars?

All other fruit wines, still talking table wines, I tasted were much sweeter than we finish our wines, most are well-balanced – meaning they have some acidity and/or tartness to mellow the sweetness.  The blueberry is actually a smokey, off-dry with a hint of blueberry at the end.  Raspberry, loganberry and blackberry wines are true to the fruit when juiced with a bit of a kick since they are 11-12% ABV.

Their dessert wines are ruby port in style at 16% ABV and they are rich.  Tasting of dried fruit and jam they would be fantastic over ice cream or angel food cake.

After that many tastes, small as they were, I was done tasting for the afternoon.  My local friend and I headed to the Skagit River Brewery for some food; of course, we had to have a beer while we were there.

Three of our wines - all are long gone and we are preparing to bottle last year's two wines.
Three of our wines – all are long gone and we are preparing to bottle last year’s two wines.

I want to apologize for the earlier blog post of the same name – obviously using an iPad app requires a learning curve – which was posted by my right thumb while closing the iPad with my left hand.  Live and learn, I appreciate your patience.

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