Waterbrook Winery

After two days of serious yard work, we decided to reward ourselves with a visit to a winery we had not yet been to: Waterbrook Winery on Hwy 12 in the west region of Walla Walla’s AVA.  Nice tasting room with friendly service and very drinkable wines on a very pleasant day ensured we had a great time.

We tried both white and red wines on offer, the Melange Blanc was a bit sweeter than I anticipated before transitioning to a red, but it was good.  Sitting on the patio, my dear husband with a First Press Merlot and me with a Viognier, we found ourselves visiting with a couple from the Seattle area; great company to top off the experience.  (Here’s to hoping you enjoyed last night’s rodeo and today’s wine tasting!)

But probably the most interesting part of our wine tasting visit was the realization that Waterbrook has taken seriously the lack of glass recycling in this seemingly progressive community; who knew a county with so many wineries wouldn’t recycle glass!  Their decision to offer a ‘Villager’ bottle which can be refilled with a red or white wine is fantastic to me; especially since the bottles they are using are similar to the bottles we use to share our home-made fruit wines:

Villager Bottles from Waterbrook: Meange Red and Viognier - offerings change quarterly.
Villager Bottles from Waterbrook: Melange Red and Viognier – offerings change quarterly.

We have been able to fill growlers with draft beer for a very long time, why shouldn’t we be able to fill a wine-bottle equivalent?  Thank you Waterbrook, you are the first winery I have seen do this and I am very appreciative.

9 thoughts on “Waterbrook Winery

      1. Wish I had thought of something like that….really, this is very inspirational. It is a lesson use our interests and strengths and turn them into what we do. You have more of both than most of us but it is going to be something I am going to think about. Thanks Susan.


  1. Davenlore in Prosser has a Recovery Red…they have been doing this for a couple years (at least that i am aware of) and you can exchange your bottle in a couple places around town! Always good! Just bought Waterbrook red, delish, but hoping I can exchange a bottle somewhere in town…


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