We got rained out!

When I heard the rain on the roof and felt the weather change throughout my body early this morning, I knew our 7:00 AM Viognier harvest was not going to happen.  The grapes were too wet to pick, so I got more sleep this morning than I expected.

Funny to have a day to catch-up at this point in harvest, but that is what today ended up being.  I spent the morning studying soils; our lab mid-day was hands-on learning of texture, structure and color of soils.

Our afternoon meeting to discuss making our Merlot wine was great.  We were treated to a taste of the 2012 Stan Clarke Merlot to give us an idea of what we were working with.  I had not had such an immature Merlot before, it was interesting to taste the smoke of the barrel and the green-ness of it.  In another six months the wine we tasted today will be bottled for sale.  This is a really big deal as it is a wine that will be with us for the entire two years we are in the program; learning how to ensure that the wine will be what we want it to be is one of the big reasons I am here.  Looking forward to an award-winning Merlot!

It is raining lightly again now; seems it is supposed to rain through tomorrow morning.  Good time to do some more studying.

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