Merlot: our varietal presentation


You’d think by this time in my life I would know how to read a calendar – at least you would think that one of the six of us in Group 5 would know how.  We did know we had Monday off and planned our meeting to prepare for our varietal presentation that we collectively thought was Wednesday – today.  Monday’s five hours of group work was focused and quite effective.  We all knew we had some things to finish researching, some photos to add for emphasis and fine tuning of the power point itself when we parted ways.

Food pairings go way back!
Food pairings go way back!

Tuesday morning we were faced with twenty-four hours less time than we thought we had.  Skipping our other classes and digging in we managed to complete the power point and run through each of our parts once before we faced our peers.  No time for nerves to unravel, we all slept well the night before, blissfully unaware of the reality we were waking to.

We had the fifty minute class time to present in, with the last few minutes allotted

It's all relative
It’s all relative

for evaluations to be completed.  Six of us, with lots of information and only one thirty minute practice managed to nail the time nicely; you would think we actually planned it.  Part way through the presentation, with the history and viticultural facts about Merlot out-of-the-way we made sure everyone was awake with some silly cartoons and a well-timed visual of ‘extended maceration’ – our smallest group member’s picture was compared to our wine making instructor (who pumps iron and stands nearly twice her height) which she then superimposed her face over.  It was actually his suggestion to use a body builder’s torso with her face – we just tweaked the idea for greater impact.  Lesson learned and not soon forgotten: extended maceration, of Merlot in particular, will never look the same.

I spoke of our experience with the Merlot we picked from the Stan Clarke Vineyard, used some of my photos and graphed the fermentation process.  It was actually fun to recap what we did. Our final project is to do what my part was for this presentation with the Viognier we are responsible for; which means we are nearly ready for that presentation.

Once home and settled my internet was down, so I couldn’t write my blog.  All is well this morning and I am happy to share this crazy class experience.  Some of the fun slides we interjected are attached, none are original but they are so cute I had to share.  My thanks to the creative sorts that made them possible.

Merlot descriptors: cold
Merlot descriptors: cold
Merlot descriptors: warm
Merlot descriptors: warm


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