Production notes for three wines for our EV Final

It mightn’t have been smart of me to pick the frozen grapes feeling as poorly as I did, but it was an experience I wanted.  The exam in Soils followed a couple of hours after our frozen excitement; I was still shivering.  The EV final was a take-home, two questions worth 50 points each.  I couldn’t even read the questions my head ached so much.

Feverish and coughing, I spent the next two days sleeping as the headache didn’t allow for any activity at all.  When I could finally see enough to read and begin to think I began working furiously as I had way less time to finish than I would have liked – details were difficult to even consider and that is what the point of the final was.  Did we really know how to make wine?  Looking back at what I wrote I see several things that were in my notes didn’t make it into the final exam.

Final exam: B, same as my soils exam actually.  Two days later my wonderful husband came home early and took me to the doctor.  I came out with a diagnosis of pneumonia, a prescription for antibiotics and codeine cough medicine.  The elephant on my chest has moved on, but there is still a rattle there and my cough is disturbing to those around me.  Thankfully, I have regained some of my mental faculties or we wouldn’t be at all ready for Christmas as it rapidly approaches!

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