finnriver farms & cidery

On a side mission to stop and pick up a sparkling beverage we ended up with a few items not originally considered.  One particular item, the Elijah K. Swan’s Lavender Black Currant Hard Cider from ‘finnriver farm’ is a carry over from the summer that caught our eye.  Knowing we used two season’s of our own, home-grown red and white currants to make wine this year, the connection should be clear.

It was Solstice, so that might have been why, or Fate, Karma, or we just happen to stop at this particular shop at this particular time and Chance would have it that the sister of the cider maker was just coming to share the beverages from finnriver farm & cidery just as we were wrapping up our purchase.  I was patient as she prepared her station for the tasting.

finnriver farm & cidery has some fun fruit-based beverages to celebrate with.
finnriver farm & cidery has some fun fruit-based beverages to celebrate with.

Apples are the primary fermentation fruit at finnriver – they have recently acquired their distillery license, so they will distill their own apple brandy in the near future.  This is important because right now they send their apple wine to Portland to have it distilled and that is no longer going to be necessary.

So, how did I get from currants to apples and why am I writing?  Well, there are Habanero peppers, bourbon barrels, hops, cranberries, rose hips, pears and blueberries in this story to, all part of the various ciders and wines that come from finnriver.  Click here to go to their website and see all that they offer.

We tasted ciders, dessert wines fortified with apple brandy and port-style wines made with their apple brandy.  I am unable to eat chiles, so my wonderful husband did the tasting of that one.  He was surprised by the sweetness of the cider alongside the heat of the Habanero; if you like it, look for it!  The ciders are carbonated, 6-8% ABV easy drinkers.  The dessert wines are sweet, 18.5% ABV, would be fantastic at your next get together for a fabulous cheese dessert pairing: thinking warm brie or salty blues.  Although the thought of a dark, mostly bitter chocolate (just finished such a bar last night) with it is just as good.  Ha, for those of you into ice-cream… ok, I will stop it.

The tasting rounded out with the Port-style ‘spirited’ wines, also 18.5% ABV, also fabulously paired with the above mentioned delicacies.

When we got home we opened the lavender black currant cider with a couple of other Cassis based beverages, I’ll tell you about it later.

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