For the love of Cassis beverages

We came home with two finnriver products, the lavender black currant cider and an apple-based black currant ‘spirited’ dessert wine.  We were excited to have a flight of currant based beverages as we have our very own currant wine and a French Mathilde Liqueur (16% ABV) to add to the flight.

All based on Cassis: domestic cider, our wine, dessert wine, and a French liquor.
All based on Cassis: domestic cider, our wine, dessert wine, and a French liquor.

The purchased beverages were made with black currant where our wine was made with red and white currants.  The finnriver apple brandy infused dessert wine was the highest at 18.5% ABV while their cider was the lowest at 6.5% ABV.

The cider was LAVENDER black currant – ice-cold on a hot day would have been a better time to enjoy this cider.  It is enjoyable, but on a 29F night we were aware that the lavender was dormant on the other side of the patio door as we sipped.

The liquor was our least favorite; just not as flavorful as the others.  The bottle is half gone, we will not have a problem finishing it.

I am partial to the wine we made.  Lightweight that I am, I would at least be able to drink it and still make it to bed.  It had a brighter, fruitier aroma, sweet-tart flavor and a lighter body where the brandy-laced black currant flavored wine was full-bodied and sweet with good fruit flavor; Hubby really enjoyed the spirited wine best.  Both were excellent examples of what the fruit can achieve.

I still have my black currants in the freezer, they aren’t the best tasting berry to me.  Too much petrol on the nose and palate; I have them to use for dye projects right now.  After this tasting, I am wondering what they would taste like if made into a syrup… which might then be made into more wine if I do like it.

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