Portneuf Valley Brewing, Pocatello, Idaho

Two years ago I traveled with my husband to southeastern Idaho for one of his industry conferences.  I thought I would share some of these posts with you, beginning with this one.  I enjoyed these beers and the website indicates Penney’s standard brews are still available.  Should you find yourself there for some reason, this is certainly a place to go!

Portneuf Valley Brewing on south 1st in Pocatello

On the east side of the railroad tracks, in the modernized East Idaho Brewing Company’s old building is a Brewpub: Portneuf Valley Brewing.  Brick and mortar walls, wood floors, and immaculate stainless brewing units have set the stage for about ten years.  It reminded me of the taverns and pubs frequented in my college years in Ellensburg except the tap offerings are much better.

T-shirts, posters & ball caps, emblazoned with the labels of the beers were right behind us.  In a college town, where t-shirts, posters & ball caps are standard, I am sure they are quite a hit.  With names like ‘Bitter Bitch’, ‘Belligerent Ass’, and ‘Midnight Satin’ anyone with a statement to make had a ready means.  Of course, if it became your favorite brew, that would be just as much reason to advertise.

All on draft.
Current flight offering.
On-site brewing.

Ten beers in a flight, an antipasto platter to sustain my husband before we officially dined at an Awards Banquet, and we were prepared to experience Penny Pink, owner and Brewmistress’s, creations.

Seemingly the most hoppy was the seasonal Lift Line Lager to the most malty, Midnight Satin, which is a cream stout style with hints of lactose rather than a full assault.  For those that prefer a milder beer there are Liger Town Lager and Krystal Weisen (wheat beer).

Posters of labels adorn the brick walls.

The food we had was probably not the best to pair with new beers for flavor, but certainly filled the gap for my husband while he helped me with this research.  Advertisements for live music and mention of an Art Walk sound great.  There was a family gathering in the large back dining room and another family arrived as we were leaving.  As it was a Monday night, before dinner time, we expected fewer people present; nice steady flow was more like it.

To have your own experience with Portneuf Valley Brewpub, find directions, merchandise, and Penny’s Blog here: http://portneufvalleybrewing.com/

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