Little Hills Winery, St. Charles, Missouri

During a much wetter year than we seem to be experiencing this year we stopped in St. Charles, Missouri for a small break from driving.  The Mississippi River was near flood capacity, a dam in Illinois was being demolished to save a town, and tornadoes had ripped open large parts of Alabama and a bit of St. Lewis before we drove through.

There is a small wine shop that we ‘found’ as we strolled through the historic ‘village’; Little Hills Winery.  The woman who poured for us was not particularly knowledgable about the wine she was pouring, so there was a gap in the intellectual side of the experience.  We did know we were drinking American grapes, muscadines: Norbert and Catawba grapes were the primary grapes in the wines she poured for us.  I didn’t have a notebook with me to write everything down to look up later – guess what I don’t leave home without now?

The wines were made in drier styles, but the aroma and palate was so different that it was an unusual experience; much like drinking the local Florida wines during the previous January.  

We didn’t have lots of time to dally, per our usual traveling we had a destination and this wasn’t planned – but it was fun.  On the cold, wet day in May we weren’t able to sit outside on the patio and savor a glass or two – which would have been interesting since those brief tastes of new-to-us grapes have now been lost.  Nor did I have a camera handy – it was back in the Buick – so our memories have to suffice.

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