Beer Valley Brewing Company, Ontario, Oregon

When I first wrote this Beer Valley Brewing Company was beginning to distribute a couple of their beers.  Now I see all of their standard offerings in grocery stores – great news for beer drinkers in the northwest!  Not sure how broad their distribution is, but Pete certainly has the big-hop beers down pat.  Always good to grab one while shopping.

Pete & Lisa Ricks have claimed their piece of Nirvana in a warehouse by the tracks in Ontario,Oregon.  After a successful business career and home brewing for 25 years, Pete chose to brew on a bigger scale and Beer Valley opened in 2007.  With two gold medals and a bronze from the North American Brewers Association, he is onto something good.

Black Flag Imperial Stout

Black Flag Imperial Stout is the flagship beer and winner of the two gold medals in ’08 & ’09.  With 11% ABV & 100+ IBU’s this beer is a potent coffee flavored, creamy malt beer with a full tan head and dark, rich color that finishes with a hoppy bite.

Leafer Madness IPA

Leafer Madness, their number one seller is 9% ABV and equally high, but different hops blend and the bronze metal winner in ’09.  Imperial Pale Ale style, which is a Double IPA is very hoppy, medium bodied with a higher alcohol content.

Although they were out of the beer, Black Madness, I was told about this combination of the previous two beers.  Must be something special to have disappeared faster than expected.  Hope those in California, where the last shipment was bound, enjoyed it.

Delta 9

Delta 9, a Northwest style IPA is 6.6% ABV and 66 IBU, making it the mildest of the hoppy beers Pete makes all year round.

On the lighter side Oregonberry Wheat Ale is a 4% ABV light, fruity

Oregonberry Wheat Beer

unfiltered hefe, amber in color and berry in flavor, in its first brew, most likely seasonal.  It isn’t on their webpage yet it is so new.

Apparently when Pete isn’t brewing, he enjoys fishing and has immortalized this in another seasonal beer, Gone Fishing.  A session beer at 4% ABV with mild hops make this pale ale a great summer indulgence.

I am looking forward to tasting the other beers, year round and seasonal that weren’t available when we visited this time.

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