Viura, or Macabeo

Vina Cerrada Viura 2012 Rioja white wine
Vina Cerrada Viura 2012
Rioja white wine

This evening’s grape is from Northeastern Spain, but also found to some extent in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France: viura or macabre.  We opened Vina Cerrada 2012 Viura, which is a white Rioja.

The garage-chilled bottle was probably too cold to serve when we opened it (very wintry temperatures here), but that didn’t stop us from trying it: mild pineapple nose, full body, oily and definitely oaked.  It was actually not very exciting, but we weren’t in a hurry to make up our mind about it.

Cooking dinner, quinoa, Brussel sprouts and boneless pork chops sautéed in a reduction sauce of our Apricot Wine and sliced onions we continued to sip.  As the wine warmed to room temperature and dinner approached we were more impressed.  It was a great pairing with our humble meal.  I expect the fruit was well-ripened when picked as the whispered tropical aromas were clearly present.  The palate is more textural than flavorful, but there is enough, not too much, acidity to balance the bit of fruit and spicy oak for a nice experience.  Not a patio/summer white in my opinion, but great for a night like tonight.

Always welcome your comments, would enjoy knowing your experience.

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