Winter Quarter is over – just in time for Spring

My ten-week, nine-class, over-loaded quarter with crazy cold temperatures, late season snows and frozen rain (granted it isn’t even close to what you in the East have experienced) is over, done, finished, complete.  I am ever so grateful for this and worked hard to grasp the knowledge being passed to me during these months.  Just over half of my grades are in and I am satisfied with them.

I have several lists of what has to be accomplished during my brief Spring Break: the garden list for here and the garden list for our other house (the one that is still not finished being repaired to sell), the house keeping to be done here and the items that need to be removed from the garage of the other house, the appointments that need to be made and kept in both towns.  I hope to squeeze in some social and relaxation before Spring Quarter begins on the second of April – if time allows.

It is my plan to sleep-in the last day of winter.  Once the house is clean I will write again.  Cheers!

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