2010 Pinotage, MAN Vintners, South Africa

I am scrambling to finish some of the things I wanted to accomplish during Spring Break; but I have a tendency to over plan so finish is the key word here as I won’t start anything more, but I don’t want partially complete projects out when I return to school.

One of the items to check off of my list is meeting some friends during our typical Monday morning ‘coffee’ (I used to partake of this ritual each week before moving to Walla Walla)  – since it requires my driving 2.5 hours to get there, I am going to be up and out of the house before this even posts in the morning.  While I am so close, I will stop into our other house, the one that flooded in December, to see the progress being made.  December 11th was the date of the flood, March 11th we finally saw some restoration begin.  There are subfloors, drywall and texturing – hoping to get some things out of the kitchen before they start painting.  Wonder if they can get all of the inside work done before the end of April and then the weather cooperate to get the outside paint completed shortly after.  Looking forward to putting the place back on the market.  Fingers crossed, prayers said and the best real estate agent available to sell it; hoping it goes quickly.


Pinotage, raspberry colored South African wine.
Pinotage, raspberry colored South African wine.

Meanwhile, another local find in our favorite shop downtown, Salumiere Cesario provided a 2010 Pinotage by MAN Vintners in South Africa for our Century Wine Club list.

An offspring of the Pinot Noir grape that is so prolific along our west coast, this was light bodied with soft tannins, summer fresh berries followed by a long finish of baking spices.  This is an easy drinking wine that could become my daily drinker with its modest price point of $12.  (Pinot Noir’s that we like are in a much higher bracket.)

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