Last free night before Spring Quarter 2014

Alas, there was a deadline unmet; I didn’t get the cuttings I brought home from my old backyard into their new pots.  I will do that tomorrow after classes as they are in a cold, dark place, waiting patiently for me.  I did get all of the rooted plants into the garden, all of the little projects done and cleaned up, laundry completed and thankfully I am well rested again.  It took all of Spring Break to shake the exhaustion that plagued me through Winter Quarter.  The visit with old friends on Monday was fabulous, but the drive was long and by the time I was home my hip and knees hurt.

Knowing I have to be in the vineyard in the afternoons several days a week I made my sunscreen a few days ago.  Last quarter I had my Carhartt coat in the truck for the cold days, this one I have the sunscreen; the rain jacket is still there as Murphy would find the humor in my unprepared moment to let loose with a spring deluge.

Funny how I feel like I have to batten-down-the-hatches and prepare for a three-month ‘siege’ when I begin each quarter.  This one only has 18 credit hours and the hours are much more reasonably spaced in the day.  I am psyched to get into it again!

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