A pleasant pairing

Butternut squash ravioli & Basel Cellars 2009 Claret - beautiful together!
Butternut squash ravioli & Basel Cellars 2009 Claret – beautiful together!

When my hubby suggested we take out the butternut squash ravioli we had in the freezer as part of dinner I was reluctant to eat it.  As much as I love butternut squash (roasted, mashed, with mushrooms or quinoa, etc.) I am not at all fond of these little pasta packets; they are way too sweet!  We were in Bone Fish Restaurant a couple of weeks ago when the waiter announced butternut squash ravioli as a side dish recently added to the menu – I was not impressed.

As we dished up and sat down we poured a glass of wine; Basel Cellars 2009 Claret.  Hoping to minimize the flavor of the ravioli I took a bit of wine first – wow, what a lovely surprise when the pasta joined it!  The acidic nature of the wine reduced the unfortunate sweetness of the filling while the butternut squash/pasta supported the fruitiness of the wine.  Needing to confirm the experience I took another bit of pasta and another sip of wine – BINGO, it worked again.

Despite the buzz inside me, I calmly suggested to my dear hubby that he pair the pasta with the wine and let me know what he thought; nice he says shaking his head.  We laughed – he saw right through my facade and knew my opinion about the ravioli had shifted as we drink this wine with great regularity and I love it.

Just about the end of dinner he received a business call that he needed to take (hey, it is planting season & he was home for dinner, I accept the phone call).  I poured a bit more wine and took a couple more ravioli from the pot.  Having neatly sliced them in quarters I was just about to appreciate another bite/sip when he returned to my side, “You took more pasta!”  Ok, I admit, I was delighted to extend the experience a bit longer.

We always enjoy the challenge of pairing a wine from our stash with a meal, but as good as most pairings are, there are some that really stand out; this was one such pairing.  The left over ravioli and the last of the bottle of wine will likely be my supper tomorrow night since my hubby has to travel across the state tomorrow leaving me on my own.

3 thoughts on “A pleasant pairing

  1. What do you think about this wine by itself? I had 2008 Basel Cellars Merriment, and I really tried to like it, but I failed – the wine was all over the place for me – may be these wines are meant to be consumed with food?


    1. I agree, these wines are best with food. The Claret is fantastic (read regular dinner wine for us), but it has to be consumed shortly after opening the bottle as it doesn’t age gracefully for even a few days.
      Thank you for your observations.


  2. Even though I didn’t have a problem liking the butternut/pasta combo like you did I was amazed how much better it was with the Claret. See, wine makes everything better!


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