Blind wine suggestion

Last week my partner-in-wine brought home a box with a bottle of a coworker’s secret family recipe of ‘apple pie moonshine’ and a request for a ‘good’ bottle of red for this new-to-wine-enthusiast coworker.  Shuffling bottles through the wine fridge brought to light a couple that we purchased at a city chamber auction a year ago; Ginkgo Forest Winery Ginkgo Red from 2008, which won a double gold at the 2012 Seattle Wine Awards.  I did a blog about the auction and spoke about our enjoyment of that wine just over a year ago (you can read it here).

Wanting to be sure the wine was as remembered, we popped the cork on one, tasting for any off flavors from storage.  The smooth tannins and ripe, red fruit forward wine would make a great beginning for this newbie; food friendly as well as solo.  Packaged in the original box that brought us the ‘apple pie moonshine’, which is a lightly apple, gently cinnamon apéritif, the bottle of wine made its way north once more to meet its destiny.

After a crazy weekend of wedding and reception for youngest step-son about 300 miles from home, we did a day trip so I could come home to do the remaining homework that I couldn’t accomplish before leaving.  A terrific head cold and allergies accompanied us through the weekend (still dealing with the head cold) and a test to study for drove all thoughts about this wine from my mind.

Sitting down after supper this evening hubby told me the wine was a tremendous hit.  Making a choice of wine for someone without the benefit of some conversation or knowledge was interesting; not surprised that he liked it but happy that it was so well received on the first try.  We will pick up some more Ginkgo Red, now the 2010 vintage, at some point.  In the meantime we will enjoy a nightcap of the ‘apple pie moonshine’ every now and again.

5 thoughts on “Blind wine suggestion

  1. How did the Northwest vineyards make it through the winter? I just put up a post about the winter damage here in Western Pennsylvania and the Finger Lakes Region of New York . It’s not good!


    1. Bud break is looking good in Washington so far. We didn’t have freezing weather until well into dormancy though most places. Our spring frosts could be more damaging though, so still on tender hooks. Sorry to hear about the winter damage; severe weather does take its toll.


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