A memory revisited

2008 Knipprath Matrix Ruby Port from Syrah grapes.
2008 Knipprath Matrix Ruby Port from Syrah grapes.

We moved from a small town to a smaller town several years ago, it was our first full day there, the Saturday following Thanksgiving and it was cold.  My wonderful parents made a long journey to help us move the last few large items the day before and I was sharing the new town with my mother the next morning before they returned home when we happened upon one of the few people who I met before moving.  They were telling us all about a wine tasting that evening that we just HAD to go to.

We bid my folks a good journey home a couple of hours later and I shared the news about the wine tasting that evening with my hubby with a prompt agreement that, of course, we should go taste wine.

The rep for Knipprath Cellars was pouring the line of ports with bites of cheese and chocolate at Brix & Stone Wine shop that evening.  We spoke with the friend that encouraged our attendance and sat at the only open table left across the room.  I hadn’t been exposed to many ports prior to this and was in awe of the flavor profiles of each wine.

In the ensuing months of winter we consumed quite a bit of port, Knipprath ports to be specific.  At this early stage in our wine journey my partner in wine was quoted by the Brix & Stone proprietors numerous times, “If I was on a deserted island Knipprath Matrix would be the wine I would want to be marooned with.”

Knipprath Matrix is a Ruby Port made with Syrah grapes.  It is a rich, warm, black and blue berry dessert.  Perfect for a cold, rainy evening sitting in front of the fire… even if it is late April!

Yesterday, at a road side fruit stand, ok, a glorified roadside fruit stand that is open about ten months out of the year with much, much more than fruit to offer travelers, my partner in wine stopped to grab a bottle of Matrix since we have not found it locally and we knew this place carried the whole Knipprath line.  The fruit stand it a few hours from here and he was on his way west when he got it.  I am impressed that he didn’t open it in the hotel room last night – and happy that we are sharing some tonight.  This port has lived up to its memory nicely.  I noticed that there is a Reserve Matrix made with Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz on the website; that may have to be purchased next.

One thought on “A memory revisited

  1. Even with my head cold the Matrix was just as wonderful as I remembered it. A wine drank during good times revives the good thoughts & feelings again. Wine deja vu!


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