Thidbaud Boudignon 2010 Anjou Blanc

2010 Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc.
2010 Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc

We were rained out of our lab work today since we had several heavy downpours, one enchanting electrical storm as my late-morning class began and some showers in between just to keep it wet.  Now, this evening, as I study for an exam tomorrow, the evening sun and pale blue sky are inviting me outside to weed my garden and enjoy an early spring Walla Walla evening.  Already being distracted, we opened a bottle of wine, something to go with the evening sun: Thibaud Boudignon 2010 Anjou Blanc.

A few years ago we went to a ‘Loire Valley’ tasting in Seattle.  It was Brix & Stone Wineshop we attended for – still being very new to the wines the tasting was quite an eye opener for us.  My strongest memories of that event are that the Cabernet Franc from Loire Valley is much different than Washington State Cabernet Franc style which I didn’t believe my husband had a Cab Franc in his glass until I went to the table, had the girl pour me Cab Franc and it was really that translucent, bright red liquid that he had in his glass!  The other memory that stands out is that I really like Loire Valley Chenin Blanc.  Coming back to this evening’s wine, I am smitten; we have to get more so we can savor it over time, rediscovering the delight each time we open one.

Deep gold in color, smelling of honey and fruit, the palette is treated to mango and pineapple at first, immediately followed by incredible mineral notes and a slightly salty, lingering finish.  It paired exquisitely with our wild salmon dinner.

Ok, enough distraction, I had best get back to my studies.

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