2010 Corvina Veronese by David Sterza

Corvina Veronese varietal wine - 2010 David Sterza
Corvina Veronese varietal wine – 2010 David Sterza

From northeastern Italy, we wanted to try the Corvina grape as a varietal.  A couple of months ago we had it in a blend, a bottle of Caruso which I wrote a blog about.  Since we already had some idea what we were anticipating we poured small glasses to begin with; this proved to be a good idea since the wine was very tight with minimal aromas and a lot of acid on the palate.  Swirling, waiting, swirling, waiting and we were rewarded with a more fruit forward, less intense acidity.  Rusty, dark red in color, light bodied and 14.5% ABV – it packs a punch but doesn’t taste hot.  Once the bottle was open for a bit we didn’t have to wait at all.

Food pairing suggestions centered around meat dishes.  We had a slice of dry salami with it and, not surprisingly, the acidity was reduced some with more red fruit flavors coming out; Kirsch, currant and a small amount of smoke on the finish.  Being me, I had to pair it with dark chocolate too – just to try it – the result was pomegranate, almond and cherry (different from the Kirsch).  The salami was better though.

Anticipating a meaty Italian meal for dinner to finish the bottle – Cheers!

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